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Juliana Transsex

Transsexual: 23y (Brazil) 83k visits

7 videos - 6 photos

Alta 1.80 de altura 78 kg


Transsexual woman: 23y (Spain) 8.6k visits

3 videos - 10 photos

Soy alguien que le gusta disfrutar el momento, me gusta experimentar cosas diferentes

Briza Travesti

Transsexual: 34y (Peru) 946.5k visits

56 videos - 31 favs


Transsexual: 36y (Philippines) 22.9k visits

UNiquE, crEatiVe, closeD tO perfectiOn anD tuNneL of satisfactioN iS givEn aLwayS iN thiS siTe buT stiLL onE aNd onLy tS carLainE cAn giVe enough tHe missing Part oF yOur satisfactioN..A weLL articuLate anD fLexibLe trAnspiNay versatiLe bOrn witH gifteD hearT anD miNd tHat wiLL fuLfiLL youR desiRe tO gAin exceptioNaL anD unconditionAL LovE...cLienT deMands AWarEnEss iS aLwayS preSent...oN mY deScriptioN aS a piOneeR oF exceLLenT serviCe onLine renDer...proVeN LovE w/ enoUgh reaSonS proVideR can onLy driLL uR senSes aNd reLeaSe tHe fouNtAin oF yOur DesiReS aS yOu LongiNg fOr...gEt weLL aNd bE vigiLant tO aCcepT tHe NeWeSt aNd Highest..LevEL oF saTisfActioN

Kayla Ko

Transsexual: 37y (USA) 11.6k visits

2 videos

Lissy Lopez

Transsexual woman: 27y (Spain) 6.4k visits

4 videos - 3 photos

Hello,I am Lisy Lopez Im here to share my vídeos,I am very active dominant (Extrem)


Transsexual: 26y (USA) 54.3k visits

5 videos - 3 favs - 19 photos


Transsexual: 37y (Canada) 47.5k visits

7 videos - 482 favs - 63 photos

Sissy Crossdresser Slut I have experience with blowjobs I always swallow ;) , anal, facials, creampies, threesomes (two men at once), can verse for other sissies but prefer to bottom for dominate men, top transgender, girls and crossdressers. I do full makeup and would consider myself semi-passable. Still in the closet but wear panties stockings and butt plug out in public regularly. Have yet to go out fully dressed and am not opposed to meeting guys and playing without getting dressed. I once gave 7 different men blowjobs throughout the night in 7 different locations and I have yet to top that record, I miss CL. My biggest fantasy is to be the bottom for a group of people until they can’t cum anymore.


Transsexual: 32y (USA) 45.5k visits

1 fav

Hi. Genderfluid boi/gurl here =)


Transsexual: 34y (USA) 23.3k visits

178 favs

Hot Crossy

Transsexual: 45y (India) 475.5k visits

268 favs - 335 photos

I want sex film maker

Exposed Sissy World Wide

Transsexual man: 40y (USA) 8k visits

2 videos - 63 photos here is this faggots link

Manu Garlaski

Transsexual woman: (Brazil) 8.1k visits

4 videos


Transsexual: 35y (Brazil) 74.2k visits

8 videos - 17 favs - 5 photos

Hot Latin Transexual in UK


Transsexual: 28y (Mexico) 20.2k visits

14 videos - 222 favs - 116 photos

BBC Hungry Blonde Skinny slut from Mexico


Transsexual: 36y (Germany) 32.1k visits

9 photos

Famous turkish shemale escort ..visit my homepage for more information..

Avy White

Transsexual woman: 29y (United Kingdom) 39.6k visits

33 videos


Transsexual woman: 10.2k visits

7 videos - 30 photos

Hi❤️ I am the trans girl who can fulfil all your fantasies, you can write me if you are interested in exclusive videos and photos, I can follow all your orders.? ??Encuentros personales solo en España?

Jolanda Ts

Transsexual: 63y (Belgium) 21.3k visits

It’s not important who I am. It is important for the world to know that we, trans people exist. Only a few of us are lucky to have surgery. I’m so grateful I had this opportunity. If not, I would have left this life a long time ago. A lot of beautiful people I knew couldn’t cope no longer exclusion by family and work. The freedom to live your own genderidentity is a basic human right as well as your sexual orientation. I decided to keep my penis because it is essential to share my sexual needs with men as well as with women. Do not judge me as a whore. I’m not earning my living as a prostitute I publish my nakedness because it simply turns me on to know people masturbate imagining they make love with me. I think I do not hurt anyone doing this. Bornthisway


Transsexual: 26y (Brazil) 16.7k visits

7 videos


Transsexual: 49y (USA) 4.3k visits

Hi I'm CeCe. I'm a pre-OP tranny. I'm a top! I live in New Castle Delaware! If you want to talk to me, you must want dick! You must want to be fucked and you must want to suck dick! I'm sweet until you cross me! So let's keep it cute! Okay!


Transsexual: 36y (USA) 14.7k visits

3 videos

Sissy in training, I like BBC, playing with toys, hit me up, Don't be shy


Transsexual: 20y (USA) 11.5k visits

7 videos


Transsexual: 29y (Russia) 52.4k visits

7 videos - 180 photos

I'm a young TRANSSEXUAL CROSSDRESSER (Sissy slut), 28 years old, posting photo and video, chatting <3 Feel free to comment on my profile, it turns me on :** not virgin ?️⚧️?⚧?

Tgurl Stephaniley

Transsexual: 49y (USA) 17.7k visits

2 videos - 16 favs


Malaysia Ramswell

Transsexual woman: 33y (USA) 5.2k visits

Chocolate Melts in your mouth not your hands.


Transsexual man: 24y (USA) 14.8k visits

2 videos

22 trans man. Submissive. Slave. Slut. Tell me what you would do to me if nobody else was around to stop you.

Karyn Transex

Transsexual woman: 32y (Brazil) 14.8k visits

3 videos

Olá, me chamo Karyn. Sou uma deliciosa transex, morena iluminada, 1.70m de altura e 65kg, adoro cuidar do meu corpo, turbinada com belos seios e bumbum grande. Estou a divulgar meu canal de entretenimento erótico com vídeos de sexo.


Transsexual: 40y (Austria) 146.6k visits

19 videos - 173 favs - 107 photos

#Sissification #Feminization #Brandyphilias #Bimbofication #Hrt #AnalPlug #Lovense #Trans #Mindfucked #Pornosexual #Gooner #PornStar #Goddess #humorwins


Transsexual woman: 34y (Argentina) 8.5k visits

2 videos


Transsexual woman: 19y (Argentina) 6.9k visits

Faby Roiz

Transsexual: 40y (Brazil) 21.8k visits

5 videos


Transsexual man: 38y (United Kingdom) 10.5k visits

9 videos - 19 photos

Sah Gatinha

Transsexual woman: 27y (Brazil) 15k visits

4 videos

Instagram: @lsamyy_


Transsexual: 28y (Brazil) 31.6k visits

5 videos - 65 favs - 56 photos

Tania Mayo

Transsexual: (Mexico) 35.2k visits

5 videos Pueden ver todo mi contenido de diario aquí en loverfans esta super hot y caliente


Transsexual woman: 29y (USA) 216.1k visits

28 videos - 20 photos

Welcome to the Dark Doll House! NEW & IMPROVED but just as NASTY. The hottest Transgender Pornstar in Urban Porn….My 0nl¥F@n$ will have you Bust a Nut before I ever meet you. SN@PCh@T VixenEmana TWITTER TVixen3

Playful Lil Missy

Transsexual woman: 33y (USA)

I love playing in the water


Transsexual: 31y (USA) 27.7k visits

12 videos - 2 favs - 15 photos

Hey I'm Veronica 27 year old mtf trans woman looking for some BBC to own me and make realize that I was meant to be a girl and worship BBC I’m most definitely a princess of spades☺️❤️?️⚧️?

Sexy Stephanie Cd

Transsexual: 56y (USA) 40.6k visits

23 videos

Hi everyone. I hope you like my profile and videos, because I love making them. I also really get turned on hearing about other cumming to my videos, so let me know if they do. One thing I love is to see guys jacking off to my videos or photos. If you want me to cum send me a video or photo tribute, nothing get me hotter:) I love sex and tried just about everything, not looking for any relationship or hookup online, just love showing off:) I love reading comments on my videos and photos so keep them coming. However, I get a lot of friend requests. I normally will add you if you request simply to allow you to follow me. But, If you don't have anything in your profile then don't expect me to have some detailed conversation with you. If you can't take the time to put something interesting in your profile of YOURSELF then I am not going to respond to a PM or comment. Another pet peeve. With peace and love, peace and love: If you send me a message and use "u" in place for "you" or "r" in the place of "are", or similarly you will be ignored. If you can't take the time to type out a completed word then I will not take the time to respond:)


Transsexual woman: 27y (Thailand) 3.8k visits

3 videos

Subscribe for more personal content :)

Selena Ruchs S

Transsexual: (Colombia) 15.3k visits

1 video - 22 photos


Transsexual woman: 43y (USA) 2k visits

2 videos - 25 photos

Fun up for anything very playful


Transsexual: 23y (Bolivia) 21.6k visits

5 videos - 25 photos

Amo el divertime teniendo el control ser dominante me apasiona Full porno casero

I Amrhian

Transsexual woman: (Spain) 6.6k visits

24 photos

Hola a todos, soy chica filipina y vengo con más ganas que nunca de sacaros toda la leche


Transsexual: 41y (USA) 53.5k visits

6 videos - 18 favs - 59 photos

Hey there. I'm a very sexy Transgender M2F freak. I love to chat video chat and meet up if possible. But with a very balanced body.I love to watch be watched or meet up for fun. I have very sexy smooth legs and a nice round ass for all you dominate guys to spank and grab onto. I love to fit as much cock as I can in my mouth and ass at once. Love it rough or sensual just as long as you take all of me all night long and love to makeout.


Transsexual woman: 52y (USA) 2k visits

1 video

I am a disabled naughty horny native american sex addicted bisexual feminine male. I love watching porn, getting off, and I am also a Licenced Public Exhibitionist.

Adriana Kurkova

Transsexual: (Portugal) 64k visits

4 videos


Transsexual woman: 34y (USA) 7.4k visits

2 videos

Hi welcome to my secret site. Join me as i take you on an unforgettable experience of sexual escape. fulfill all of your suppressed desires here with no judgement! Cum see all of my fully nude hot and sexy pics and videos that will leave you speachless don's for get the cumshots. Warning Adult Content Uncensored The copyright of the material contained on my page (including all images and video material) is owned by me Samantha Porsha You do not have permission to use, copy, reproduce, print or play any of my material outside of my page. Failure to comply with this will result in legal action taken against the person whose information you used to sign up, ie your/their Bank details. Copyright 2023 all rights reserved.**


Transsexual woman: 20y (Neptune)

4 videos

I'm Sage, a 20-year-old trans woman who's interested in many things, one of which is content creation, I hope you enjoy my content ! If you wanna reach out to me, feel free to do so; I don't bite <3


Transsexual: 31y (United Kingdom) 146k visits

29 videos - 28 favs - 316 photos

I'm an effeminate sissy gurl, I enjoy being used like the cockholster that I am and also making amateur porn with my bf's. I'm also now on twitter @Lucygurl_Luce


Transsexual: 21y (USA) 21.6k visits

9 videos - 17 photos

Just your basic trans girl but im always horny, Follow me on my twitter FallenAngel597 Tip my paypal if you enjoy what you see: [email protected]


Transsexual: 34y (France) 19.4k visits

10 videos - 3 favs - 46 photos

Cc moi c'est Calie je suis un femboy dsl jme suis trompé dans ma description ? J ai envie de sucer et me faire baiser . J'aime séduire tenter et créé le désir chez les hommes,viens te chauffe..!Sinon masturbe toi sur moi fais de moi ta salope soumise... envois moi une photo de ton cum ça m'excite ????


Transsexual woman: 43y (USA) 3.6k visits

33 videos


Transsexual woman: 25y (USA) 2.5k visits

Ray Trix

Transsexual woman: (Brazil)

1 video - 4 photos

Oiee, Meu ladinho piranha me trouxe aqui ^^ Sáfica emocionada :3 Gosto de brincar com homem por diversão hihi

Maya Shemale Milan

Transsexual: 39y (Italy) 35.5k visits

9 videos

Brazilian SHEMALE in Italy


Transsexual woman: 36y (USA) 18.2k visits

3 videos

Bundia Films

Transsexual: 27y (Brazil) 25.5k visits

6 videos


Transsexual woman: 33y (USA) 9k visits

1,878 favs

Hello my friends and welcum bacc to Lusty's Bible of Porn. I am your curator, Lusty, a former and now retired adult content creator. This page was designed to showcase to the world the best adult talent and videos that are available in the industry both from yesterday and today. We have everything here for you're liking from Straight, to lesbians, to transgender, twerk videos, Ebony, pawg, milf, etc. So sit bacc stroke your dicks and rub your pussies to some of the best porn in the land. I do plan on randomly dropping some of my old comtent so stick around Enjoy! Add to friends and subscribe for exclusive videos. Dm I talk back. Fan of sucking dick and eating pussy... Very submissive Frequent traveler for a young or older total top “daddy”. (PLEASE no vers e The juxtaposition of my masculine exterior with my private feminine interior is a huge turn on. I love being respectful to a confident, assertive man, who can handle a submissive bottom. I’m drawn to men who can make their bottom feel protected so s/hè feels safe.


Transsexual woman: 37y (USA) 10.5k visits

3 videos - 7 photos

Hey all miss jade here ..looking to entertain and give you the wow!.. hit me up on my socials and let's connect..


Transsexual: 38y (USA) 11.5k visits

13 videos

Fun and freaky trans gurl.


Transsexual: 47y (Australia) 15.7k visits

I'm naomi I'm a submissive trany sexslave I'm into anything kinky and naughty and wanting to get into all things that r taboo and filthy with rite people or person I live NSW upper hunter region Australia and anyone can send me an email to naomipearson69 if u keen and genuine xx


Transsexual woman: 28y (USA) 11.7k visits

5 videos - 2 photos


Transsexual: 27y (Australia) 10.3k visits

75 favs - 12 photos

.. love dress ups, and any other sexy young nymphs, sex toys, dolls, anal,blowjob,gangbang etc:)

Maylla Mandy

Transsexual: 21y (Brazil) 9.1k visits

3 videos

Olá estou aqui para dar prazer e deixar vocês bem loucos por mim babys, meus vídeos são todos caseiros e eu faço especialmente pra você bem quente e safadinha espero que goze gostoso !


Transsexual man: 32y (Australia) 8.1k visits

2 videos - 1 fav - 21 photos


Transsexual: 28y (Spain) 38k visits

5 videos

hola soy stefany


Transsexual: 34y (Colombia) 45.2k visits

45 videos - 97 favs


Mariana Travesti

Transsexual: 43y (Argentina) 66.5k visits

26 videos - 86 favs - 208 photos

Soy Mariana trans escort en San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina. También hago videollamadas calientes, con plata todo es mejor.

Brooklyn Laine

Transsexual woman: (USA) 2.6k visits

22 favs - 78 photos

I am crazy about sex, and even more crazy about oiled up sex, I want to be dripping with oil and gangbanged by well hung white guys and Latin shemales, I want to do a bukkake and drink down at minimum 100 loads, hopefully more. I want to do porno films and get fucked by everyone all day long, sucking dick is my favorite and I love my face covered in cum at all times, and my mouth full of cum, i love using toys and fucking machines.


Transsexual: 50y (USA) 38.2k visits

4 videos - 82 favs - 140 photos

Looking for some fellow kinky men (BI, STRAIGHT OR GAY), women and couples. I am a HETERO-FLEXIBLE, passable CD. I am a hot blonde little slut who loves BBC, In control type men and MF couples. I love big hot loads dumped on my face and licking a sweet shaved pussy. I take care of my body and love to fuck but only safe of course. I am a kinky little bitch who takes pride in being a good but clean little fuck slut. I suppose one great fantasy as yet unfulfilled is being a hot fuck toy for small group of hung, aggressive black men. So......that's me in a snap shot......

Angel Trans

Transsexual: 31y (Vietnam) 30.9k visits

1 video

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Transsexual: 42y (USA) 9.1k visits

2 videos

Pansexual Asian TS party girl addicted to sex, married, but free to explore other sexual encounters. I am extremely kinky, but very safety conscious. I am a pure exhibitionist, not much of a voyeur. I am into sharing and be shared, love being shown off by my dates in sexual manner. I am super sensitive all over my body. Simple touching can send me into ecstasy, so don't be too much of a gentleman when you see me. Feel me up. Grope me as much as you like. Bring a friend.


Transsexual woman: 29y (Paraguay)

3 videos

Soy chica transexual que me gusta el sexo...y mi lindo cuerpo.


Transsexual woman: 42y (Sweden) 5.7k visits

5 videos

hi, im down to earth,i love people, i love sex nd i identify with transgender.why?, bcos that how i fell inside like a princess.

Dahlia Doom

Transsexual woman: 27y (USA) 14.8k visits

6 videos

I'm the nerdy trans woman you've always wanted but didn't know you needed.


Transsexual: 35y (Argentina) 29.9k visits


Transsexual woman: 19y (Mexico) 4.2k visits

13 photos

Actualmente buscando gente para grabar más videos, interesados escribir por aquí Currently looking for people to film more videos